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FROSIO(表面処理検査員の教育と資格認定制度)は船舶と海洋構造物の塗装が行われる被塗面の表面処理と塗装状況を検査する検査員の資格認定システムです。FROSIO SCHEMEに基づき教育と認定を目的とする非営利団体として1986年設立され表面処理、防食塗装検査の国際的な資格として認知され、FROSIO有資格者は全世界84ヵ国、7994名となっています。2006年12月IMO(国際海事機構)は、船舶の安全面から防食基準PSPC(防食塗装基準)を採択し有資格者の検査を義務付け、FROSIO資格はIMO/PSPC有資格検査員として認知しました。



General Manager of FROSIO / Mr. Ole Stræte


To the members of Japan FROSIO Inspector Association (JFIA)

FROSIO is a member organization established in 1986 by the industry to meet a growing demand of qualified and certified personnel on all levels within management, production and inspection of work within corrosion protection and surface treatment. In 2012 FROSIO established a similar system for training and certification of insulation inspectors.

The IMO resolution MSC82 Performance Standard for Protective Coatings was adopted in December 2006. To ensure that the required quality is met, IMO recognises FROSIO Certified Inspector Level III as qualified. I am proud that the FROSIO certification system is required in regulations, standards and specification and that FROSIO is considered one of the best systems for certification world wide.

The ship building yards in Japan are of high quality and must comply with IMO regulations, among them the PSPC requirements for ballast tanks. Together, JFIA and FROSIO certified inspectors contribute to achieve the required quality control and quality assurance.

To ensure that our quality demands are met in Japan, ClassNKCS and FROSIO made an agreement in February 2015. Class NCKS will be our subcontracted certifying body in Japan.

JFIA was established in 2009 and have both personal and corporate members. During this time, JFIA has contributed to keeping the high quality in our industry. I would like to thank JFIA for the cooperation with FROSIO and for the proactive leadership of JFIA which will benefit our quality goals.